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Tuesday 4 December 2007

All change at Escape Studios

There comes a time in every designer's life when he/she/cat/dog has to face up to having his/her/it's work 'refreshed'.

That time is now for me, as one of my cherished identities (the one above, on the left), that I had created for the brilliant Escape Studios, has now been replaced with the new.

And so, I must accept that as Escape becomes a different and larger animal, their image must also change to suit.
My only consolation is that the new identity and website has been created by the ever impressive Spin Studios.

Anyway have a look at the new Escape Studios logo and website, see what you think.


  1. As an escapee, I can only say how much I miss the old identity... not to mention the old attitude as well.

    The old identity and website was one of the reasons I chose to study at Escape.

    Sometimes bigger doesn't necessarily means better


  2. Hi there,

    thanks for your kind comments, it's always great to know people appreciate your work, but it's even better to hear that it is has had such a postive effect on someone.

    Escape Studios is an amazing company, with some fantastic people, and I guess like any other company that excels in the way Escape does, it has to keep moving and changing.

    I wish you the best!

  3. Well I have to say i've just finished maya foundation and I have nothing but praise. Really interesting tutors and had a great time, but I don't really get the "new" logo, but then I 've only ever seen the new website.

  4. Has to be said, I can't really work out the thought behind the new logo, but perhaps I can find out.
    Glad to hear you liked the course, as I said before, lots of good people there.

  5. Looking at the front page now (nov 2009) didn't impress me at all, looked at the mans face warped features made me click away almost immediatly. If i saw that while looking for designer courses, it defo would put me right off. a much better first impression

  6. An Interesting point of view, although it should be noted that the site you mention is a far smaller offering.
    However if I was to comment on this, I found to be quite garish in terms of design, and thought it had a childish look to it. I certainly would not be confident in a company like this if I was serious about working in the visual effects industry.
    But that is just my opinion of course.