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Thursday 30 October 2008


Today sees the opening of Europe's largest shopping centre/ mall/ experience. Based in west London, it's aim is to rival Bond Street and the like, and is meant to be the hub of Luxury shopping, a place of aspiration as well as convenience. It has cost an estimated 1.6bn pounds to develop and has had the expertise of legendary retail queen, Mary Portas.
With all this in mind, I think it has to be said, the decision to use the Australian group's own company logo for this project was perhaps a bit of a mistake, at least in my mind. This bright red logotype alone, is quite ugly in my view, and is more fitting of a agricultural company selling tractors, than for a luxury retail brand. It also sits very uncomfortably with the rest of the branding. Surely, you would have thought they would have invested a lot into their branding, this being a brand dependent industry. Their online presence is also fairly poor.
Perhaps I am on my own on this one. perhaps I missed something. What do you think?

You can find out more about the project here


  1. this logo has bothered me since I first saw it. I am SO glad that you picked up on this AWFUL logo!
    cant wait to go shopping there. the logo certainly hasn't drawn me there yet!!!

  2. Yeah I agree about the logo, looks so out of place on the website too haha