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Monday, 19 November 2007

Living in Three Centuries

Fascinating human portraiture from Mark Story
Via Cpluv


  1. Ok nice idea but I think they manipulated the pictures so much it makes the subjects look really scary, almost zombie like. keeping the photos in colour or at least having them in some recognizable environment would have helped make it more real and approachable... Basically....I'm never getting old!!!!!

  2. The photos can be viewed as scary, Ill give you that.

    But for me the black and white, high contrast, and heavy shadows intensifies the power of those faces.

    It allows you better to study the physical form.
    This coupled with the more human story beside the images adds great contrast.

    Not to say this could not have been approached differently of course, but I do think this works.


  3. I see your point I guess, especially when accompanied by the story beside.

    But I feel I'd get a better idea of who these people are seeing a scene out of their life as suppose to and over-stylised photo. I remember seeing the buena vista social photos and thought they where great. Picture like this you don't even need to write a story, it speaks for itself. Obviously that was easy he's playing a guitar and is much younger but I think u get my point :).

  4. Actualy yes, I do agree, it would be cool to see
    these people in-situ. It would perhaps add another interesting angle to it.