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Friday 2 November 2007


I think this link qualifies being here I think, it is an art or sorts...

Anyway, a DJ friend of mine told me a while ago about what ‘the kids’
are doing in the Paris clubs nowadays, it’s called Tectonic
- I didn’t know about this (perhaps I’m too old?)
but basically it’s a mixture of of hip hop dance and vogueing,
kind of like a camp version of crunking.
In any case it's very funny. Examples of varying qualities;
here, here, here, here, and here.

And finally, since this link went up TF1 has picked up the story here(UPDATE -Link down) ;-P

I suggest perhaps giving it a go at random in the office or anywhere for that matter.


  1. hahahahha - i love zoze french kids, zay are crazeee

  2. You have to love those crazy French guys!

  3. Got to love the french but when you have been in the club scene as long as I have it all looks like the same recycled moves.

  4. those moves date back to the cha cha cha I believe... ;)